Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada
Son of Joseph and Charlotte Voutour of Brantville, New Brunswick, Canada
Roman Catholic
Service number
1941-07-08, Tracadie, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada
1942-04-11, United Kingdom
1944-06-06, France D-DAY
Date of death
Belgium, Killed in action
North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment, R.C.I.C.
Cemetery reference
Plot 5 | Row E | Grave 12
Military grave
Additional info

Assigned to the North Shore Regiment on July 24, 1942.

Wounded on June 8, 1944 in Anguerny, France. The Regimental War Diary reports be annoyed by German Snipers. Evacuated to U.K. Back to France on September 1, 1944. Re-assigned to the North Shore Regiment on September 18, 1944.

The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment war diary reports on October 6, 1944:
Kleit MR008954 (Bezembindersstraat, Maldegem, Belgium).
Weather: Clear, visibility good.

At 0100 hrs "C" Coy moved off to join the Canadian Scottish Regiment and half and hour later "D" Coy moved to join Regina Rifle Regiment. These Companies were to assist in putting the above mentioned Battalions across the Leopold Canal. Can Scots and Regina Rifles were to move across the canal at H-hour and Royal Winnipeg Rifles were in reserve at MR023993 (Bredeweg/ Warmestraat, Maldegem, Belgium).

Messages were intercepted giving the following information. At 0600 hrs, "D" Company of Canadian Scottish reported moving on the objective. They were encountering cross machine gun fire, but had taken some prisoners. "B" Company were moving forward. Lots of water to contend with. M.G. fire in "D" Coy area stopped. "A" Company ran into M.G. fire and did not get across. Sunray of Regina Rifles did not get across for the same reason. At 0645 hrs "B" Company of Regina Rifles reported they were across with sub units following. Rear Battalion H.Q. was also moving up. 

At 0800 hrs our Bn. H.Q. moved off and arrived in new area at Boterhoek MR059993 (Grote Boterhoek, Maldegem, Belgium). Location of a foot bridge was reported at MR042021 (Vlotweg, 300 metres East of Vuilpanstraat). Regina Rifles "D" Coy reported across at 0855 hrs.

At 0910 hrs a sit rep from Regina Rifles was received, "B" and "D" Coys across canal. "C" Coy following. "A" Coy were across but were pushed back and are not attempting another crossing, M.G. fire very heavy. Prisoners were identified as Flak Arty 649. 

At 1040 hrs, Can Scots reported they had established a bridge-head, which was firm on the left but the right side was having some difficulty. Fighter bombers were to take on Aardenburg, Netherlands at 1115 hrs, with 500 lbs bombs. Throughout the day units of 7th Infantry Brigade (Canadian Scottish Regiment, Regina Rifle Regiment, Royal Winnipeg Rifles) were shelled, mortared and counter-attacked, but managed to hold off this enemy. 

At 1700 hrs, our "D" Coy reported 2 killed (F.H. Kidd and J.A. Voutour, most likely), 6 wounded and 6 missing. At 1000 hrs "C" Coy reported heavy Artillery fire coming over.