Headstone F.M. Theriault


Lance Corporal Frederick Merlin Theriault (age 25) G/22619 (North Shore Regiment) was born in Chatham Head, New Brunswick, Canada. He disembarked in France on D-Day.

Researching his service records shows that he was a full Lance Corporal at the time of his death on October 17, 1944 (Acting Lance Corporal from 15/3/44 promoted in the field to Lance Corporal 15/6/44).

Even though there is then mention of him reverting to Private, this has all been crossed through meaning the Lance Corporal rank still holds.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission confirmed these findings. Mr. Martin Skelly placed a headstone amendment request into their works programme which will be assessed by one of their works teams when they are next on site. If an amendment in situ is possible this will be carried out in due course however if a replacement stone is required this will add some time to the process.

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