Headstone Gunner L. Theriault

THERIAULT, LIONEL (17 Field Regiment)

Gunner Lionel Theriault (age 27) B/16579 (17 Field Regiment) was born in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. He disembarked in Italy on October 23, 1943. After the Italy campaign he disembarked in France on February 25, 1945. 

Gunner Theriault, Lionel was killed while attempting to climb out of the turret of a Sherman tank which was loaded on a flat-car, while the train was in motion. His head had apparently struck a log hanging obstruction, quite possibly an overhead bridge. 

Headstone Gunner E.J. Ramsay


Gunner Edward James Ramsay (age 21) H/76285 born in Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada disembarked in France on August 15, 1944. He accidentally drowned on November 10, 1944 in a canal near Ketelplein, Gent, Belgium.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission will replace the headstone of E.J. Ramsay. According to his service records and research by Martin Skelly (CWGC) and myself this soldier was a Gunner with the Royal Canadian Artillery, attd. 12th Bn. 2nd Canadian Brigade Group. (And qualified Clerck "C").



Lance Corporal John Daignault (age 25) M/63818 born in St. Paul, Alberta, Canada disembarked in France on D-Day. He served with the Regina Rifle Regiment. John joined the R.R.R. on November 20, 1943. He was promoted to the rank of L/Cpl on July 21, 1944 and killed in action in the region between Strobrugge and Moerhuize, Belgium along the Leopold canal.

full profile: /daignault-john

Headstone Gunner J.R. Gates


Gunner John Richard Gates K/10219 (age 28) born in London, Middlesex, United Kingdom disembarked in France on July 27, 1944. He served with the Royal Canadian Artillery, 8 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment. John died from gastrointestinal obstruction on October 6, 1944.

Going through his service records it became clear that John's initials spelled incorrect on the headstone. CWGC confirmed a in a reply the initials suppose to be J.R. instead of J.E. and they shall correct or replace the headstone. Because of their enormous database this might take up to 18 months.