12th Manitoba Dragoons, R.C.A.C.

12th Manitoba Dragoons, R.C.A.C.Canada shoulder titleCanadian 2nd Armoured Corps12th Manitoba Dragoons

18th Armoured Car Regiment, 2nd Canadian Corps Troops

Motto: UBIQUE HONOR ET EQUIS (Everywhere honour and by horse)

Headquarters Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The regiment mobilized the '18th (Manitoba) Reconnaissance Battalion, CAC, CASF' for active service on 10 May 1941. It was redesignated: '18th (Manitoba) Armoured Car Regiment, CAC, CASF' on 26 January 1942; '18th Armoured Car Regiment (12th Manitoba Dragoons), CAC, CASF', on 16 December 1942; and '18th Armoured Car Regiment (12th Manitoba Dragoons), RCAC, CASF' on 2 August 1945; It embarked for the Great Britain on 19 August 1942. On 8 and 9 July 1944 it landed in Normandy, France as a unit of 2nd Canadian Corps Troops, where it fought in North-West Europe until the end of the war. The overseas regiment was disbanded on 31 January 1946.